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yay! survey!

it's been so long since i've done a survey! well, it's been so long since i've had time to waste, which is pretty much why i like surveys. here goes.

·x· The Crush Side ·x·

Do you have a crush on someone?: hmm. does spike from buffy count? although i just found out he's like 39, which i refuse to believe. i think there must have been a misprint.
How long have you liked him/her?: since courtney started watching buffy
Are you really over your last crush?: ben stiller? no. but i'm working on it, on account of the marriage/kid thing
Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?: yes
Have you gone out or had a crush on someone and totally regreted it later? i have regretted almost all of my past crushes. and anyone who knows who my past crushes were will understand why. i have odd taste.
If you could go out with anyone in the world, who would it be? hmm. it used to be conan but now that i've seen him, i'm over that. i guess i'll go with spike again.
How long do you want a relationship to last? well, isn't the ultimate goal of a relationship usually marriage? so i guess forever. although i'm not a big fan of marriage just yet.
How romantic are you from a scale of 1-10?: hmm. inwardly, 8. outwardly, 2.

·x· Have You Ever... ·x·

Tried to get someone to notice you, but failed?: AGH! not the point that this survey is trying to make, but on my trip NO ONE brings your check after meals. they expect you to sit around and enjoy your evening in their restaurant. hello, i'm a tourist. obviously have things to do. don't want to wait an hour after i'm done eating (LITERALLY) for my check. so yes. i tried desperately to make waiters notice me quite frequently for about 6 weeks.
Had a long distance relationship?: yes. it was dumb.
Gotten in a Car Accident?: yes. knocked over a light pole. that is all i will say.
Seen the Eiffel tower?: recently
Cheated on a test?: umm. yes. i can't remember math formulas. i am bad bad bad, i know.

·x· In The Last 24 Hours Have You... ·x·

Cried?: no.
Laughed?: yes
Made someone laugh? yes
Helped someone?: yes
Bought something?: gas
Cut your hair?: No, but i keep considering it
Felt stupid? oh yes! constantly. usually i feel stupid when people ask "how was your trip?" because if i answer really enthusiastically, i feel like i'm bragging, but if i say 'oh, it was good,' then i sound jaded. i can't win.
Said i love you?: Yes.
Written a real letter? i wrote some postcards. but i guess not within the last 24 hours
Written on paper? hmm. yes. i did the crossword in the tv guide
Taken a test? no, but i need to finish my final and turn it in.
Met someone new? yeah, there were some people at the 4th of july party i didn't know
Written in a journal? Only if this counts.
Watched your favorite movie? no. i watched indiana jones several times yesterday though (indy-pendence day on amc)
Talked to someone you love? yes. they snubbed me. damn cats.
Had a serious talk? not really, unless you count my mom telling me to not trash the car this morning when i was dead asleep and she woke me up to randomly tell me that.
Given someone a present? yes!
Missed someone? no
Fought with your parents? it's always one-sided. she yells and i nod my head.
Fought with a friend? no. i should call jennifer though. but i'm not going to. sigh. complicated friendships.

·x· Right Now... ·x·

Are you tired?: A bit.
What are you wearing: stripy pajama pants and a homecoming t-shirt from junior year
Are you eating: No.
Are you happy: i'm not unhappy
Are you sad: i think i just answered that
Talking to people online: nope. i don't have any friends really that IM me anymore
Doing homework: nope. should be.

·x· Stupid Questions ·x·

What is the best "unexpected thing" a girl could do for a guy or vise versa: i'm sure sex is always welcome. for a guy anyway. boys!!
How are your grades:? fine thanks
What Languages do you speak? english. teeny weeny pieces of italian, spanish.. that's about it.
Do you drink? on occasion.
Do you regret anything you've done in the past? yes
Do you believe in horoscopes: not really, but that doesn't stop me from reading them
Do you wear glasses? sometimes. i should wear them more often
Do you have braces?: not now, but i did.
What words or phrases do you over use? uhhhhh
Bedtime? oneish. it varies though.
Are you a good dancer? not at all
Do you consider yourself a good listener?: depends on who is talking. usually not.
Last song you listened to: hmm. not sure, something jimmy buffett i think
Has a friend ever betrayed you? sure, that's what friends are for
Have you ever eaten a bug?: yeah, accidentally.
Last four digits of your phone number? 3202
Do you get along with your parents: for the most part, yes
What did you do today? nothing, it's only 8:30. what do you want from me?
What did you do yesterday?: hmm. played water volleyball, saw men in black two (bad)
What time is it now? 8:23 am
Final words: i'm not as funny as i used to be. :) thinking takes too much effort i guess
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