ophelia (ophelia14) wrote,

losing weight!

so far, so good. i have been running every day since thursday- i did four miles on saturday, 5 yesterday, and 4 today. the rec scale says i am 143. now is the critical point. every other time i have dieted, as soon as i get to the lower 140s, i think yay! i am doing well, i can reward myself with ice cream or something, and then i sort of stay in that mode and the weight i lose comes right back. i *did* have a not so great eating day today. but that is okay. i will get back on track tomorrow. i work every day for the rest of the week but i need the money, so i shouldn't complain. 33 hours is a lot of money for me. now i just need to finish my stupid final and get it turned in. in fact, i think i will do that now. work on it at least.
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