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it's been awhile

it's been quite awhile, hasn't it? well, as usual, i am writing to monitor my weight loss progress. i am back on the good old points system- this is only my third day but i have high hopes. yesterday at plasma i was 135, which is good, cause their scale weighs heavy. i am hoping my monday's weigh-in to be 133. the first week is the highest for weight loss, so maybe it will be even more, but i won't hold my breath. four weeks of this and i could weigh 127! 5 weeks is my short-term goal of 125, and at 6 weeks would be my 10% goal of 123. my overall goal is 120, and if i want to lose more from there, i can. but 120 seems like a good number, i wouldn't want to be too skinny. i am determined to stick to it this time. it's only 7 weeks. that means by mid-october, i could be the weight i've always wanted to be. i just have to keep thinking of that every time i think the diet is too hard. and it's not like i'm starving myself, weight watchers is a very sensible diet. and with school starting and all, i'm hoping i'll be too busy to eat terribly- i'll take healthy snacks with me for throughout the day, like raisins and crasins and stuff. where i really run into problems is when i go home for the weekend and go out to eat. just sitting around here isn't that much of an issue for me. as long as i keep vegetables and healthy things around to snack on. too bad i'm so poor. i desperately need a job since i can't do plasma for 8 weeks. i upped my loan amount, but that's not going to make my parents too happy, i'll tell you that. oh well. it's not like they're helping any. they buy books, that's it.
anyway, i just need to think about how little i could be in less than two months! without much hardship, even. it's a bit tedious, writing everything down, but it's worth it, i think. i know it is. i am at 14.5 for the day, so i need to plan out my snacks for the rest of the night. i can have veggies and hummus for 16.5 points. then.. let's see. what else would be filling. another apple, perhaps. an apple with sugar for 2 more points, 18.5. that lets me bank 4 points, for a total of 11 for the week! that's only two days worth of banking- not bad at all. i was thrilled when i only weight 135 yesterday. after spending the weekend at home, i was sure i would weigh more. i'm only 4 days away from where i was at the beginning of the summer, which is certainly encouraging. i have to be skinnier to wear my new paper denims, which ought to be motivation within itself!! well. i am going to go eat some veggies and hummus, i think, and have some more water. i have three more glasses to drink before the night is over! i need to get more milk in, i think, i never quite make my daily goal. i should invest in some yogurt or something.

alright, i'm out. i'm sure i will ramble some more about weight loss later. :)
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