ophelia (ophelia14) wrote,

more weight loss stuff

134 today! my official weigh in date is monday. so i could be 133 by then, if i'm good this weekend. although i do plan o probably going out on saturday night, which might cut into my points a bit. but i've banked some, so i should be okay. i am so happy, after only 5 days of dieting, i am back down to my target weight! what keeps me going is thinking that soon i will be the thinnest i've ever been. as soon as i dip into the 120s, i will be there. it's awesome. and to think that by the next time my parents see me, they may be saying "you look so skinny!!" i can't wait. it just makes me feel better about myself. so much better. which is sad that i place my self-worth by numbers on a scale. but when i feel good about myself, it makes me want to do other things. and i can't wait to go shopping!! :)
that's all i really have to say, but i don't really have anyone else i can gloat to. i have to stop eating apples with brown sugar though, because i far exceed the limit of sugar i should be having for one point. oops. but i'm still losing weight!! i will cut back on the sugar. i kind of want to go get a spray tan, but i also know that i'm pretty damn poor right now. ahhhh i need a job. badly. and i can't find my damn j. crew coat online!!! i am pissed. i suppose it can wait a bit. well, i have things to do so i won't dwell too long. more later, i'm sure.
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